About Seven County Senior Federation

The Seven County Senior Federation is a non-profit corporation with our office and staff at 47 Park Street N., Suite 7, Mora, Minnesota 55051[Map]. We serve persons over 50 years of age who live in Aitkin, Carlton, Chisago, Kanabec, Isanti, Mille Lacs and Pine Counties.

Annual membership in Seven County is $20 for individuals or $35 for a household-of-two. Membership comes with many benefits, including health care, medical, and legal discounts; legislative and community advocacy, free tax assistance, and much more. Click here for more information about membership benefits and discounts.

The majority of our services are provided by volunteers. Our president, executive officers, and board members - all volunteers - are elected, by our members, during Annual Convention Meetings.

President, 2nd Vice-President, and Treasurer are elected during odd numbered years.

1st Vice-President and Secretary are elected during even numbered years.

County Vice-Presidents are elected annually.

Seven County Officers

President: Paul Venhuizen - Pine County  (2019)
1st Vice President: Evelyn Borchardt - Pine County (2018)
2nd Vice President: Arlene Morgan - Isanti County (2019)
Treasurer: Jim Johnson - Isanti County (2019)
Recording Secretary: Majal Johnson - Kanabec County (2018)

County Vice Presidents

Aitkin: Christine Bergman

Carlton: Patricia Skog

Chisago: Bonnie Holte

Isanti: Ron Drude

Kanabec: Connie Strandberg

Mille Lacs: Robert Hoefert

Pine: Gail Nordin

Past Presidents

Fran Levings-Baker                Pine County                2011 – 2015

Lila Skramstad                        Kanabec County        2007 – 2011

James Johnson                        Isanti County               2005 – 2007

M. Dorothy Hanson*                Kanabec County        2003 – 2005

Marilyn Honstrom*                   Kanabec County         2001 – 2003

Roger Sellman*                      Chisago County          1999 – 2001

Leroy Browen*                         Isanti County              1998 – 1999

Edie Brady*                            Mille Lacs County      1997 – 1998

Leroy Browen*                       Isanti County               1993 – 1997

M. Dorothy Hanson*              Kanabec County         1991 – 1993

Frank Turi*                             Chisago County          1991

Madeline Miller*                    Pine County                1989 – 1991

Larry Gamel*                          Isanti County              1987 – 1989

John Schultz*                          Aitkin County             1985 – 1987

Clifford Anderson*                 Chisago County         1981 – 1985

Tom Dignan*                           Isanti County              1979 – 1981

Larry Gamel*                          Isanti County              1977 – 1979

Marion Boswell*                    Chisago County          1975 – 1977



We are proud of our long tradition of advocacy and service to seniors. We would like to thank all of our volunteers and staff for their hard work - as we all know: 'Improving the Quality of Life - Seniors Make It Happen'

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